KUFUKI is Pop Psychedelic trio consists of Konno(Electronics), Saito(Analog Synthesizer), Tosimasa(Vocal) from Tokyo, Japan.
Their music is constructed using tribal rhythms around the world + vintage tones of the KORG analog synth MS-10 + laid back vocals which brings an overwhelming feeling of joy and comfort that makes you wonder about the universe, or your parents – recalling all those things that you love, leaving you with plain happiness.
The field recordings inserted between the tracks are messages from their friends all around the world saying “I love KUFUKI” with their national languages, and also a field recording document of the cheerful Japanese summer festival.
Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof!, Astral Social Club) is also a big fan of their music and instantly provided 2 remixes for them which one is included in this album and the other uploaded on this Wonderyou label’s Soundcloud page.
Mastering was done by the world famous Japanese drone artist, Chihei Hatakeyama.
KUFUKI are Ryuihiro Konno (Apple MacbookPro, Clavia Nordlead2, Instruments from Thailand, Chorus)
Motomasa Saito (KORG MS-10, Glocken, Instruments from Thailand, Chorus)
Toshimasa Matsumoto (Vocal, Chorus, E.Guitar, A.Guitar, Roland Juno-60, Harp, Kalimba)Produced by KUFUKI
All songs written, arranged, performed by KUFUKI
Recorded And Mixed by Konno (NB Studio, Studio Konno)
Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama (NB Studio)
Art Work by Motomasa Saito (AD+D), Satoshi Ogawa (I)

Guest Musicians :
bonbonya (HAPI Drum) tr.2
brajhahead (djembe) tr.2
Nobunaga (Strange Voice) tr.14,15,16
Elly The Sun (KUFUKI) tr.1,15
KitamuLarkin (Chorus) tr.1
Munekyo (Chorus) tr.1
Kanappe (Wurlitzer) tr.16

Introduction of KUFUKI :
Coconut Lady (Thailand) tr.1
Kim Han Bit (South Korea) tr.2
Mrs.Lan (China) tr.4
Evil Penguin (Australia) tr.6,18
Raúl Fajh (Mexico) tr.8
Spice Boys (India) tr.11
Davide De Tommaso (Italy) tr.13
Ajanetha Lizaneth Ngujo (Phillipines) tr.19

Special Thanks to
Nature Bliss, Neohachi, Nobunaga, Katz
Object Records, Soup, 161Crew, Kakyo-Beisen

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